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Why you should add COLLAGEN to your Bulletproof Coffee

By Ayano Kimura February 05, 2018 0 comments

Once you join the 30+ club, you may experience the following things:

- Less elastic skin

- Drier skin

- Wrinkles around your eyes

- Thinning hair

- Weakened nails

- Some sagginess under your arms and jaw line.... 

One day you may be super happy achieving a big weight loss, then to reliase that your skin doesn't shrink together with your body. Oh no!

We all know that collagen is one of the most promising product which can help you with this problem, but what is the most cost efficient way of taking it? If you've been spending a lot of money on collagen cream, stop. Most of the products are useless!

Being Japanese, I am blessed with genes that my skin has better elasticity than caucasians like my husband. After losing 10kg, he had some loose skin around his waist, and around his jaw line. He does not look like those birds in the picture at all, he is still the most handsome person I've known, but we all know that we cannot avoid the slow aging process creeping up on us....ahhhh!

So here is what I did for him: I just started to mix hydrolized yak bone collagen powder in his Bulletproof coffee every morning, and after lunch. He didn't really care much about intermittent fasting after losing much weight, so the fact that it would break his fast wasn't a problem at all for him.

I also made some beef bone marrow soup and froze, so that we can drink it often. I will write a blog about it soon, it is actually pretty easy to make, and it has so much good stuff inside!

Anyway I cannot exactly remember how long it took to see the effect, but one day I saw him doing his morning sit-ups and his skin looked much tighter on his tummy! He also agreed. As far as my skin is concerned, I also feel that my skin retains more moisture. I have always suffered from dry skin, even in humid climate in Thailand. Now it is more well-balanced and smoother. 

People often ask us whether the Bulletproof Coffee/Matcha + Collagen can be used as a meal replacement as well. The answer is "absolutely yes!!!" but you will probably get hungry earlier as it starts the digestive process.

    So how can you deal with this dilemma? Is it worth taking collagen by giving up intermittent fasting? 

    • It IS worth it! Your body will THANK YOU for consuming quality, low inflammatory source of protein!
    • Having said that, you can still have your intermittent fasting & have your collagen:
    1. Take collagen in your morning coffee every other day, or
    2. Stick to pure fat Bulletproof Coffee in the morning for the sake of not breaking the intermittent fasting, and take collagen in your afternoon coffee.

    We really think that many people will greatly benefit from collagen throughout the day. However, if you want to maximise the energy and suffer from hunger in the morning, don't take collagen in the morning. To be really honest, we tried it all, but we still feel absolutely fantastic by not doing intermittent fasting. Test and see how you feel.

    The hungry feeling will get better as the body reset the leptin level (the craving hormone).

    [Using collagen to froth nut milk]

    You can also take collagen with normal beverage. No need to make Bulletproof Coffee all the time if you don't want to. For example, we make a cup of cappuccino with organic nut milk. If you like nut milk, you know how hard it is to froth, right? If you add collagen, you can make lovely froth! We just add a bit of MCT oil as a quick source of energy! (We never use butter/ghee for our afternoon coffee). If you also add some non-GMO sunflower lecithin, you don't even need to blend it hard like Bulletproof Coffee. We just use one of those cheap milk foamer and lecithin helps to emulsify MCT with coffee. Voila!

    Being on ketosis doesn't mean you should be stuffing yourself with fat all the time. We still like having well-balanced diet, and we really like this small nut milk cappuccino + MCT oil in the afternoon with collagen.


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