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Are genetically modified foods (GMOs) really that bad?

By Ayano Kimura December 26, 2017 0 comments

We have become all paranoid about GMOs but I wonder if we really know about it well enough to argue that they are all bad for you. I just saw an Instagram post by What do you think? 

"We have been modifying the genetics of organisms indirectly for over 10,000 years with selective breeding, interspecies crosses (since 1800), and mutagenesis using radiation (since 1930)! Ever tried seedless grapes? THAT'S A TYPE OF GMO. Tastes great.
These previous methods have caused changes (mutations) in thousands of genes. These old methods were limited by the fact that we didn't always know which genes were being changed. We were firing from the hip.
Modern GMO techniques simply allow us to target a specific gene to modify a crop for a specific purpose, instead of blindly firing at the plant DNA. Of course, targeted mutations leave room for mistreatment in the wrong hands, which justifies monitoring of organizations conducting genetic modification.
GMO use has reduced chemical pesticide use by 37%, increased crop yields by 22%, and increased farmer profits by 68%. Concerned activist groups generally refer to a very small set of cherry picked, disputed and disproven studies and, unfortunately, make the GMO debate a political one instead of a scientific one!
Fear that GMOs are bad for us is based on HANDFUL of papers that SUGGEST dangerous effects, but that have been heavily criticized by the scientific community.
On the other side, there are HUNDREDS of studies from all around the world that find no evidence of danger when it comes to consuming GM food. Nutritional contents is also equal to non-GMO food.
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