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Activated coconut charcoal powder for toxin removal

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Baking Chocolate: 100% 250g

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Biohackers' Organic Coffee (Chiang Rai, Thailand) 250g

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Borax / Sodium Borate - Laundry booster and more!

319 THB

Bulletproof Coffee Set (Organic coffee, MCT oil and ghee)

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cacao nibs 200g

427 THB

Certified Organic Ceylon Tea (Breakfast / Apple & Cinnamon / Lemon)

749 THB

Certified organic coconut milk (270ml and 400ml)

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Certified organic full fat coconut flakes & flour

259 THB

Certified Organic Raw HAZELNUTS

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Coconut MCT oil (sourced from coconut, made in Germany)

650 THB

Cold-pressed organic sunflower lecithin (food grade)

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Dark Pink Himalayan Salt (Fine Grain)

149 THB

Drink Chocolate: organic & vegan

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Ghee Oil With MCT: pourable, buttery, high-smoke point

399 THB

Grass-fed Beef Bone Broth Powder from Sweden [100g]

855 THB

Grass-fed Beef Bone Broth Powder from Sweden [3 Packs x 100g]

1,727 THB

Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth Powder from Sweden [500g]

2,239 THB

Grass-fed ghee, various flavors (from New Zealand cows' butter)

417 THB

Healtholicious Bulletproof Matcha Trial Set (10 cups +)

899 THB

Himalayan Black Salt: Kala namak (Fine Grain)

139 THB

Instant Organic Coffee for Biohackers: Light Roast

213 THB

Inulin (fine powder) - Prebiotic soluble fiber

267 THB

Keto Chocolate Cookie Mix - Soft & Chewy

Sold Out

Keto Pow : Exogenous Ketones (BHB salts)

639 THB

KETO SWEET : Monkfruit Sweetener with Erythritol 250g

267 THB

Meriva Phytosome Curcumin: x20 more bioavailable than turmeric

1,273 THB

Mushroom Coffee - Certified Organic : ENERGY / IMMUNE / ULTIMA

199 THB

Mushroom Extract - Certified Organic : ENERGY / IMMUNE

499 THB

No Added Sugar chocolate coated coconut chips

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