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25% SPECIAL DEAL OF THE MONTH ! Pasture-Raised Bovine Collagen Peptides [1000g]

2,244 THB

Activated coconut charcoal powder for toxin removal

213 THB

Baking Chocolate: 100% Tanzania (organic) 250g

499 THB

Biohackers' Organic Coffee (Chiang Rai, Thailand) 250g

349 THB

Borax / Sodium Borate - Laundry booster and more!

319 THB

Bulletproof Coffee Set (Organic coffee, MCT oil and ghee)

899 THB

Certified organic cacao nibs (Semuliki Forest, Uganda) 200g

427 THB

Certified Organic Ceylon Tea (Breakfast / Apple & Cinnamon / Lemon)

229 THB

Certified organic coconut milk (270ml and 400ml)

74 THB

Certified organic full fat coconut flakes & flour

259 THB

Certified organic natural Criollo cacao butter (Peru) 200g

427 THB

Certified Organic Raw HAZELNUTS

Sold Out

Cold-pressed organic sunflower lecithin 200g

1,069 THB

Collagen Drink Mix 3 Flavors [Chocolate / Matcha / Turmeric]

1,469 THB

Dark Pink Himalayan Salt (Fine Grain)

149 THB

DEAL OF THE MONTH ! 50% ! Certified Organic Ceylon Tea (Breakfast / Apple & Cinnamon / Lemon).

375 THB

Grass-fed ghee, various flavors (from NZ cows' butter)

399 THB

Healtholicious Bulletproof Matcha Trial Set (10 cups +)

899 THB

Himalayan Black Salt: Kala namak (Fine Grain)

139 THB

Instant Organic Coffee for Biohackers: Light Roast

213 THB

Inulin (fine powder) - Prebiotic soluble fiber

267 THB

Keto Chocolate Cookie Mix - Soft & Chewy

299 THB

KETO MAX! PURE C8: Coconut MCT oil (Made in Germany)

499 THB

KETO PLUS+ PURE MCT: Coconut MCT oil (Made in Germany)

399 THB

Keto Pow : Exogenous Ketones (BHB salts)

639 THB

KETO SWEET : Monkfruit Sweetener with Erythritol 250g

267 THB

Ketone Strips for Urine Analysis (50 strips)

Sold Out

Liposomal glutathione (USA) over 80% bioavailable

Sold Out

Meriva Phytosome Curcumin: x20 more bioavailable than turmeric

1,273 THB

Mushroom Coffee - Certified Organic : ENERGY / IMMUNE / ULTIMA

229 THB

Mushroom Extract - Certified Organic : ENERGY / IMMUNE / ULTIMA

499 THB