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How to HACK a New Year's eve hangover with glutathione

By Ayano Kimura December 30, 2017 0 comments

A disclaimer: those tips can HELP you but they are not a cure. Nothing can save you if you drink too much beyond what your body can cope with! You could still wake up in a place you don't know with a stranger you don't remember meeting, or wake up in your kitchen naked covered with scratches (yap, this happened to our friend).

Anyway, we just wanted to share some tips how to prevent you from having a horrible hangover on the New Year, and one supplement, which can perform a miracle is glutathione.

Before going any further, you should understand what happens when you drink alcohol. 



Scenario 1: you just have a bit of alcohol.

  1. You drink alcohol.
  2. The liver breaks it down, producing acetaldehyde.
  3. The body releases an enzyme (acetaldehyde dehydrogenase) and glutathione to break this bad boy down further.
  4. It will then turn to acetate, which is pretty harmless (it is like vinegar).
  5. No hangover.

Scenario 2: you are reaching towards the third glass of whatever you are drinking

  • 1-4 above happen but not all acetaldehyde will be broken down. Why? because the body can only supply a limited amount of glutathione. And, get this, many of us these days also lack the genes so that we could be naturally low on glutathione to cope with toxins.
  • The toxin remains in your body.
  • "Hangover" happens, i.e. headaches & vomiting

Basically, if you want to avoid the Scenario 2, you need to:

  • Drink wisely
  • Reduce the toxins in your body by supplementing things like glutathione, and
  • Hydrate!


    Here are tips in more details. You can plan this ahead, guys!

    [Before drinking]

    1. Take liposomal glutathione, preferrably with ALA (alpha lipoic acid): ALA will help your body to produce glutathione to cope with the toxins produced by alcohol. 400mg would be sufficient.
    2. Take some vitamin Bs especially B1. 3-5mg if you have more than 2 units of alcoholic drinks.
    3. Take N-Acetyl Cysteine: your liver needs this. 600mg would be sufficient.

    [During drinking]

    1. Stick to 'better' alcohol: go for hard stuff like vodka, tequila, whiskey, gin, basically all the distilled spirits. BEER has the most toxins. 
    2. DRINK WATER: just get yourself a glass of water every time you fill up your drink. Hydrate.
    3. Vitamin C: take a Vitamin C tablet after every drink. This helps to block the conversion of alcohol into aldehyde.

    We would say, the best way to get hammered well is to continue taking tequila shots with a slice of lime all night.

    [After drinking] Leave these on your bed before you go out!

    1. Take N-Acetyl Cysteine again: 600mg
    2. Take liposomal glutathione again: 500-1000mg
    3. Take some activated charcoal.
    4. Take more glutathione: 500-1000mg before bed.

    Enough tips? We wish you a very happy New Year!!!! 

    ps we stock Pure Gluta, which is highly available form of liposomal glutathione :)

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