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The right food can heal us. We have a natural ability to stay healthy and strong, if supported by good nutrition & lifestyle. There is an over-dependance on medicine and the pharma and food industry have been promoting wrong ideas to weaken us. It is our mission to challenge misinformation on nutrition and the definition of healthy lifestyle.

We had to deal with years of unsuccessful, painful infertility treatments while fighting against chronic illnesses all our life. Something had to be done at one point. We stopped eating processed food and substituted unhealthy oil with healthy saturated fats. Only a year after that drastically changing what we ate, we could conceive naturally and now we are blessed with a very healthy boy who motives us to maintain our lifestyle! (We haven’t take any medicine since then, and chronic back pain, migraine, skin condition are all gone).

When we founded Healtholicious in 2017, we quickly became one of the leading keto shops in South-East Asia, and the low-carb diet was the basic concept behind it.
However, having done a lot of research and experimented with various ideas, we came to the conclusion that being on a low-carb did not support what we wanted to achieve in our life: namely anti-aging and longevity. Having spoken to hundreds of customers, we also figured out that this type of restricted diet had in fact negative impact on our health in the long term.

So what do we want to say? We do not wish support any specific “diets” anymore. We still offer the best selection of quality products you cannot get elsewhere, and many of them are still keto-friendly for our loyal keto customers. But we now advocate a balanced diet, which can lead to improved metabolism and healthier cellular health in general.


Currently we are a sole distributor of coconut-based pure C8 MCT oil and C8/C10 MCT oil, FDA-licensed manufacturer of grass-fed ghee with various flavors, and bean-to-bar organic chocolate (sugar-free). We also offer a wide range of hard-to-get products. Many are also plant-friendly.

Order 24/7 online, or place an order through LINE or Messenger. If you have any questions, we are always here to answer all your questions the best we can. Our current business hours are Monday - Friday, 9am to 5:30pm.
Thank you! Tobias & Ayano

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