How to get the maximum benefits from turmeric powder

Written By Ayano Kimura - August 10 2018


October 10 2018

Jitlekha, I am sorry I just saw your comment! Yes, unfortunately that way you wouldn’t be benefiting so much from that. I suggest three ways:

1. make ‘turmeric/ginger bug’ and make a lemonade (it is fabulous!). from what you wrote, you would probably like it! I wrote about it ages ago in my personal blog. Fermentation also improves the absorption but I do not know if it is more or less efficient than taking it with fat.

2. you could take it together with coconut cream or coconut fat. adding a bit of long pepper (I prefer it over black pepper because it has a very positive effect in revitalising blood capillaries) can also help curcumin from not being digested.

3. if you are looking for maintaining health, incorporating turmeric in your food is sufficient, but personally I cannot stand turmeric in large quantity! for this reason, I do opt for Meriva phytosome curcumin, especially because I have chronic backpain to deal with. Definitely consider encapsulated form for curcumin because at the end of the day, you want it to be absorbed efficiently. It has helped me to loosen the stiffness I have been having, so I take it every day. Now I am off all my pain killers and muscle relaxants. Having said that, if you have any of these conditions, you should also try to find out the real cause and deal with it together. But watch out for any medications you are taking, consult your physicians, from what I know, you cannot take turmeric if you are on a blood thinning medication.

Jitlekha suthibutr
October 10 2018

Thanks for this info.I have always wanted to ask you the most beneficial way to use the turmeric powder I bought from your shop. My usual way of using it is to put half a lemon and honey into my warm cup of water every I know that it needs fat to be absorbed in the body. How about the turmeric pills for pain and inflammation? Are they effective? Thank you.

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