Certified Organic Mushroom Coffee (10 portions)

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  • Certified Organic Mushroom Coffee (10 portions) - Healtholicious One-Stop Biohacking Health Shop
  • Certified Organic Mushroom Coffee (10 portions) - Healtholicious One-Stop Biohacking Health Shop
  • Certified Organic Mushroom Coffee (10 portions) - Healtholicious One-Stop Biohacking Health Shop
Chaga, Lion's Mane & Cordyceps 25g
Chaga: King of Antioxidant

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There is no better way to start your day with quality organic coffee with potent combinations of mushroom extracts. 

    This high-potency, adaptogen blend coffee is made with the finest tonic herbs from the East: lion’s mane, cordyceps and chaga. It uses no fillers or additives, and is certified  organic. If you want to have extra pure mushroom extract, order some here.

    • Chaga: clean, prolonged energy buzz without the side effects of coffee, that's how we describe chaga. it grows on birch trees and has the most potent antioxidant properties known to men. It draws betulin and other precursors from the tree, which is proven to kill tumor cells. Chaga can give you buzz and elevate your mood. It does not disturb sleep because it does not disrupt our adenosine receptors like caffein does. 
    • Cordyceps militaris: the fungi has been used for centuries to improve people's energy, sleep, digestion, stamina, and libido by promoting liver function and balancing hormonal function.
    • Lion's Mane: the most researched fungi for brain health, it increases Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), which is responsible for the maintenance and growth of neurons in the brain.

    Our mushroom extracts have the potency which delivers the maximized health benefits. Here is a list of how our mushroom extracts are different.

    • Certified organic (USDA): grow naturally on substrate materials native to each particular mushroom
    • Vegan & Keto: plant-based, contains no sugar.
    • Naturally grown: unlike mushroom grown in sterile laboratories on substrates made of cereal grains or rice, our mushroom grow in greenhouses with natural lighting and natural air flow.
    • Lab tested: high beta-glucans: cheap mushroom products are filled with alpha-glucans (e.g. starches/fillers), which have no medical benefit. How? because they grow on sugar-rich artificial medium, and often the mushroom extracts also contain those grains, because they use mycelium as well as mushroom. Our mushroom has between 30-40% beta-glucans, as opposed to below 2% in most of the cheap mycelium products.
    • Bioavailable active properties: the mushrooms are processed by hot water/alcohol extraction to ensure that a full-spectrum of water and fat-soluble compounds are obtained.
    • 100% mushroom/fruiting bodies, not mycelium fillers: our mushroom extracts are made only from mushroom, not using mycelium grown on grain. Cheap mushroom products often use mycelium only, not fruiting bodies.

    How to use

    Instant Coffee: Dissolve 2.5g of mushroom/coffee blend (half of a heaping tablespoon) in a cup of hot water (e.g. 100ml). Adjust the amount according to your preference. 

    Ingredients/Net Weight

    25g for instant coffee/mushroom blend (10 servings). 

    Each serving (2.5g) contains the following amount of mushroom extract concentrate:

    • 8:1 concentrated chaga mushroom extract: 52mg
    • 8:1 concentrated lion's mane mushroom extract: 42mg
    • 10:1 concentrated cordyceps mushroom extract: 52 mg

    This is equivalent to 1.25g of dried mushroom*, which you can take twice a day to benefit fully from the mushroom.

    (* To fully benefit from medicinal mushroom, you should take between 2.5g - 5g of dried mushroom per day)

    Expiry date

    July 2020


    Do not exceed the recommended daily portions. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool & dry place.

    If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking any medications, consult your doctor before use. If any adverse reactions occur, stop using it immediately.

    Lion's mane: if you have heavy allergies, do not take. If you are sensitive to histamine, it could cause itchiness on your skin.

    Chaga: some people may find chaga extract hard on stomach. if you are allergic to birch, you should not consume chaga. If you had/have kidney stones, do not exceed recommended dosage.

    Cordyceps: it may lower blood sugar levels so if you are on diabetic medications, consult your doctor.

    About our organic freeze-dried coffee

    This instant coffee is made from freeze-dried coffee brewed from lightly roasted Yunnan Pu'er arabica, grown organically at the altitude of 1230-1540 meters, sharing a boarder with Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar. 

    Why we choose light roast for our instant coffee? The lighter the roast, the higher the CHLOROGENIC ACID content, and the anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory benefits. 


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    A Healtholicious One-Stop Biohacking / Keto Shop Bangkok Customer
    Jason R.
    Thailand Thailand

    Mushroom Coffee in Thailand!

    I drank Mushroom Coffee in the USA and knowing it has health benefits like immune and energy support, I was happy to see a company offer them in Thailand.

    A Healtholicious One-Stop Biohacking / Keto Shop Bangkok Customer
    Luke K.

    A nice boost

    I definitely felt the effects from the Lions Mane. I liked the combination of the caffeine and mushrooms. Not a huge fan of instant coffee, but I would definitely buy this again. A great quality product.

    James T.

    Great Quality Product

    I was able to have a chance to try this mushroom coffee and really enjoy it . It gives me an extra boost to go with my bullet proof coffee , highly recommend



    Real coffee flavor. I believe the blend helped me beat the onset of flu. I mix it with the fermented ghee. So addictive.

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