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  • Image of Baking Chocolate: 100% 250g - Healtholicious One-Stop Biohacking Health Shop
  • Image of Baking Chocolate: 100% 250g - Healtholicious One-Stop Biohacking Health Shop
  • Image of Baking Chocolate: 100% 250g - Healtholicious One-Stop Biohacking Health Shop
  • Image of Baking Chocolate: 100% 250g - Healtholicious One-Stop Biohacking Health Shop

Baking Chocolate: 100% 250g

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499 THB

Baking Chocolate: 100% 250g

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499 THB
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Here is the best single-origin, unsweetened baking chocolate for you. It is untempered so it will crumble when you crush it. It is the most economical form of chocolate you can buy from us. It contains 250g of untempered chocolate.

This chocolate is made with certified cacao beans from Kilombero Valley, Tanzania, which has won numerous awards internationally.

The chocolate will be in small blocks and pebbles (probably bigger than what you see in the image), so if you want to melt them quickly, you could stomp them with a mortar and pestle, or smash them at the back of the kitchen knife.

TASTING NOTES: Intense, berries, nutty and creamy.


Kokoa Kamili is the first and only premium cocoa exporters operating out of Kilombero Valley in Tanzania. Through their solid commitment, they have achieved to introduce Tanzanian cacao as one of the best cacao to craft fine chocolate internationally, winning many prestigious awards. This is achieved through centralizing the fermentation in order to control quality and consistency. The facility is located a 10 hour drive from the country's main city of Dar es Salaam in the Kilombero Valley area of Morogoro Region, close to 3500 farmers they buy wet beans from. The beans are classic Trinitario (Amelonado x Criollo), with the slight presence of Neo-Nacional.


Kokoa Kamili pays the highest prices for cocoa in Tanzania. An increasing amount of Kokoa Kamili's farmers earning an average of 24.4% more by selling cocoa to Kokoa Kamili than from any other buyer.


Smell: heather honey, burnt straw, fermented soybeans Taste: Dried redcurrants, creme fraiche, hay on a summer afternoon, hops, brown butter


It should be stored in a cool, dry place, preferably between 18-20 degrees. But it is ok to store in your fridge. Shelf life: 1 years after the manufacturing date.


cocoa beans, organic cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin and Himalayan pink salt. (99.7% cocoa)


All products may contain milk and nuts as they are processed in a facility that processes them.

Böhnchen & Co. is a craft chocolate maker from Bangkok, who creates the most delicious, premium grade chocolate, which is absolutely guilt-free!

  • FAIR-TRADE PREMIUM COCOA: our farmers are paid premium price for their quality beans.
  • AWARD WINNING, CERTIFIED COCOA: we work with certified farms, who are all dedicated to grow pesticide-free, premium quality cacao. All the origins we work with had won numerous international chocolate awards for their quality.
  • NO ADDED SUGAR: unlike cane sugar, which is commonly used in chocolate bars, we use a proprietary blend of sweeteners which tastes great.
  • LOW CARB: 0.3g net carb per serving! (8g)
  • NO PALM/VEGETABLE OIL: we only add cocoa butter to improve the mouthfeel of the chocolate.
  • SOY-FREE: we use sunflower lecithin from Germany, which is estrogen-free.
  • CORN-FREE: our soluble dietary fiber is made from locally grown sugar cane using a patented method.
  • NON-GMO: our sweeteners are all made from non-GMO raw ingredients. 
  • VEGAN: our dark chocolate collections are animal friendly with no added dairy.
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