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Welcome to Healtholicious!

The pursuit of healthy life lead us to set up a business concept of Healtholicious, where people can enjoy great quality organic coffee, matcha and snacks from trustworthy food suppliers. We are the first cafe in Thailand, which offers beverages and snacks according to the Bulletproof / ketogenic diet, i.e. the diet which can benefit us a lot more efficiently by consuming a lot of healthy fat and low in carbohydrates, unlike what many of us believe in. All of our snacks are also gluten-free, we use healthy flour from organic glutinous rice, Japanese kudzu starch or almond powder.

[Our Story]

Tobias and I have been living in Thailand for 9 years. We strongly believe in the concept 'you are what you eat' as far as our health is concerned. However, it has been challenging to find good quality, healthy food, even when you live in Bangkok. Thank god there are more and more organic food available in the supermarket these days. But where can you get wild-caught seafood, not from farms? Grass-fed meat and eggs from organic farms? As a private consumer, it was impossible to find suppliers who could offer those in quantity we were looking for. Now we are sourcing it as a wholesaler or importer, in order to offer the same to others who are as health conscious as we are. 

Healtholicious is an ongoing project for us. It is our goal to open a series of cafes all over Bangkok offering the same concept, hoping to educate people to start eating better. Forget fueling yourself with empty calories. Life is too short to be unhealthy! Right now, in our first Healtholicious cafe in Lat Phrao 101/3, we start small by offering simple beverages like single-origin organic coffee and matcha tea in creative variations. Oh yes, we offer you special coffee such as the Bulletproof Coffee, ceremonial matcha drinks, without refined sugar!

I just mentioned the Bulletproof Coffee, which is the most amazing, revolutional coffee beverage everyone should be drinking!  It is based on the ketogenic concept, i.e. good healthy fat is a superior source of energy, which can subsequently improve our brain functions. We started drinking it even though we were not following the ketogenic diet at the beginning, but it has been giving us so much mental clarity and enhanced buzz to our brains, we want to share this concept with you. The amount of good fat inside the coffee can make you pleasantly full, so that you don't need to eat anything in the morning, i.e. this enables you to do intermittent fasting until lunch time. It teaches your body to burn fat instead of sugar, so if you continue the diet, your body will automatically learn to burn fat continuously and it will stop having crazy sugar cravings you may have experienced. Ketones are produced from the coffee, specifically from the high quality MCT oil we blend with the coffee brewed from our amazing espresso machine. The coffee is also very creamy and delicious because of the presence of grass-fed ghee: this coffee is designed to fuel your brain immediately!

In addition to special beverages on the menu, we also offer a variety of low carb, non-gluten, sugar-free snacks such as chocolate fudge brownies, or a slice of low carb, high fat/protein, non-gluten nut & seed bread, which can provide you with so much nutritions instead of sweet desserts. Are you on a low fat diet? Don't worry, we also have a plenty of options for you!