SAMPLE CHOCOLATE SET: 4 Single Origins Sugar-Free

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  • SAMPLE CHOCOLATE SET: 4 Single Origins Sugar-Free
  • SAMPLE CHOCOLATE SET: 4 Single Origins Sugar-Free
  • SAMPLE CHOCOLATE SET: 4 Single Origins Sugar-Free
  • SAMPLE CHOCOLATE SET: 4 Single Origins Sugar-Free
  • SAMPLE CHOCOLATE SET: 4 Single Origins Sugar-Free

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Before committing to buy a whole bar, do you want to try a little bit of every thing? Here is our sample chocolate sets of our DARK PLEASURE 72% CACAO collection. It includes 4 times one serving of 8g (3 squares from the bar). You will get pieces of:

  • Lachua, Guatemala
  • Akil Dino, Haiti
  • Kilombero, Tanzania
  • Toledo, Belize

Disclaimer: this sample set is intended as a tester. It does not come in our standard packaging. The chocolate pieces are cut with a knife and unwrapped, please understand that each square was not individually molded so the cut may not be perfect. 

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If you have never tried single origin chocolate, please take a moment and enjoy it slowly as if you are drinking a glass of expensive wine. You will be surprised how many different flavor notes you may discover. Here are examples of what we personally tasted. Everyone perceives differently, so don't worry if it is not what you taste. 
  • Lachua, Guatemala: stewed lemon, green apple, citrus hone, caramel, plum
  • Akil Dino, Haiti: savoury, almond, coconut, sultanas, banana
  • Kilombero, Tanzania: dried redcurrants, creme fraiche, hay on a summer afternoon, hops, brown butter
  • Toledo, Belize: dried griotte cherries, pipe tobacco, mocha, cloves, porcini, unripe banana

  1. Hold the piece of the chocolate between your fingers and notice how quickly it melts. Rub your fingers together with the chocolate to test its smoothness. 
  2. Then, use your nose. Lift your fingers with the melted chocolate to your nose and cup your other hand around your fingers in front of your nose. This will help to capture the aromas. It should smell like deep, rich chocolate with floral, fruity or sugary (caramel) aromas.
  3. Finally, taste the chocolate. Place a small piece of chocolate on your tongue and let it slowly melt. Once the chocolate has melted, run your tongue around your mouth to get the full “mouthfeel” of the texture—it should be full and velvety. 
  4. Notice the “finish.” Cocoa butter dissipates, leaving only the flavor behind. If that flavor lingers for a while in your mouth, the chocolate is said to have a long finish.
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It should be stored in a cool, dry place, preferably between 18-20 degrees. But it is ok to store in your fridge. Shelf life: 2 years after the manufacturing date.
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Organic cocoa beans, organic cocoa butter, non-GMO erythritol, non-GMO soluble fiber from sugar cane, organic sunflower lecithin, Himalayan pink salt and organic monkfruit extract
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All products may contain milk and nuts as they are processed in a facility that processes them.
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Böhnchen & Co. is a craft chocolate maker from Bangkok, who creates the most delicious, premium grade chocolate, which is absolutely guilt-free!
  • FAIR-TRADE PREMIUM COCOA: our farmers are paid premium price for their quality beans.
  • AWARD WINNING, CERTIFIED ORGANIC COCOA: we work with certified organic farms, who are all dedicated to grow pesticide-free, premium quality cacao. All the origins we work with had won numerous international chocolate awards for their quality.
  • SUGAR-FREE: unlike cane sugar, which is commonly used in chocolate bars, we use a proprietary blend of sweeteners which tastes great.
  • LOW CARB: 0.3g net carb per serving! (8g)
  • NO PALM/VEGETABLE OIL: we only add organic cocoa butter to improve the mouthfeel of the chocolate.
  • SOY-FREE: we use organic sunflower lecithin from Germany, which is estrogen-free.
  • CORN-FREE: our soluble dietary fiber is made from locally grown sugar cane using a patented method.
  • NON-GMO: our sweeteners are all made from non-GMO raw ingredients. 
  • VEGAN: our dark chocolate collections are animal friendly with no added dairy.

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