Healtholicious Detox Set

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  • Healtholicious Detox Set - Healtholicious Co. Ltd.
  • Healtholicious Detox Set - Healtholicious Co. Ltd.

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This set provides you with a set of detoxing food from Healtholicious!

  • Wild harvested kudzu starch from Japan 100g: drink kudzu tea to replace a meal for encouraging autophagy to cleanse your body and assist weight loss
  • Organic turmeric powder 60g: one of nature's strongest anti-inflammatory food
  • Organic Ceylon cinnamon 50g: regulate your blood sugar level
  • Organic Clove 60g: antimicrobial, rich in antioxidants such as eugenol, which can improve liver health for detoxification
  • Raw organic honey from wild flowers in Chiang Mai with organic Vietnam cocoa nibs 200g: naturally antibacterial and improves indigestion. It is rich in minerals and enzymes, if taken at night, it is the best food for your brain!
  • Pasture-raised yak bone hydrolized collagen powder 250g: the superfood for guts, it is known to reduce gut inflammation and regulate stomach acid secretion. Collagen can also repair damaged intestinal lining.

Each product is available in our online shop if you need more. If you want to reach another level, consider taking liposomal glutathione. More info in our blog!

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