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Coconut MCT (medium chain triglyceride) Oil

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Our MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil consists 100% of capric and caprylic acid (C8 and C10). It has no odor, no taste and is easy to swallow. It can be added to your diet easily in order to support your health.

[What is MCT Oil?]

Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil is a type of fat which, paradoxically, does not make us fat. Rather, it is immediately used as energy and improves mental focus and sleep quality.

MCT Oil is known to:

  • improves mental focus
  • supports healthy weight management
  • assists in regulating blood sugar levels & insulin


1. Is it the same as coconut oil?

No. Coconut oil also contains lauric acid (C12), whereas our MCT oil only consists of capric (C10) and caprylic acid (C8) - the most potent fatty acids available in coconut oil.

It is the most BIOACTIVE form of coconut oil and provides roughly six times more MCTs than coconut oil. While caprylic acid is more potent, the mixture of C8 and C10 is more gentle on digestion (and on the wallet!) yet still highly effective in providing the ketone boost to your body. The long chain oil in coconut oil can be stored as fat, whereas C8 and C10 are available immediately to be used as energy.

2. Is it easily absorbed?

Yes. MCT oil is ideal for people with absorption issues such as Crohn's Disease, or those without a gallbladder. It is the ultimate ketogenic fat, so that it can continue to provide the body with ketone bodies while you eat carbohydrates.

3. How does it taste? Is it sticky?

It has no odour or taste. It is very light, so you can consume it with a spoon or eat it with your food without any difficulties.

4. Can I use it as a cooking oil?

We do not recommend to use MCT oil for cooking if the temperature is above 190 degrees Celsius. We recommend that you cook your food with normal cooking oil, and use MCT oil on top of it or consumer it raw.

5. How much can I take?

We strongly recommend you begin by taking just a small amount of MCT oil. Half a teaspoon initially, building gradually to a dosage of 1 tablespoon a day and see how it goes. MCT oil may cause mild intestinal discomfort initially if the body is not used to it, especially on an empty stomach.

6. What is the best way to take it?

You can drink it straight, pour it over your food, or mix it into your beverages. But make sure you don't waste the oil – it can get stuck at the side of your plate or glass!

7. How can we store it?

Keep it in a dark, cool place, no need to refrigerate. 

8. How can I use it to make the Bulletproof coffee?

You need 4 ingredients: organic coffee, grass-fed butter/ghee, MCT oil and a blender. Click here for a recipe from the Bulletproof website.

9. Where is the product manufactured?

It is manufactured in Malaysia.

10. How is it manufactured?

Our MCT Oil is produced by esterifying glycerol with mixtures of Caprylic (C:8) and Capric (C:10) fatty acids. No other fatty acids such as lauric acid are present. These MCT’s are fractionated from 100% coconut oil. 

11. What kind of plastic bottle do you use to store MCT oil?

Our MCT oils are packed in recyclable, BPA-free, HDPE bottles, which are suitable to store MCT oils. If you use MCT oil daily, we suggest to fill the oil into another bottle with an oil spout, for example, empty amber colored olive oil bottle. 

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