KETO MAX! PURE C8: Coconut MCT oil (Made in Germany)


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  • KETO MAX! PURE C8: Coconut MCT oil - Healtholicious One-Stop Biohacking Health Shop
  • KETO MAX! PURE C8: Coconut MCT oil - Healtholicious One-Stop Biohacking Health Shop
  • KETO MAX! PURE C8: Coconut MCT oil - Healtholicious One-Stop Biohacking Health Shop
  • KETO MAX! PURE C8: Coconut MCT oil - Healtholicious One-Stop Biohacking Health Shop
  • KETO MAX! PURE C8: Coconut MCT oil - Healtholicious One-Stop Biohacking Health Shop
  • KETO MAX! PURE C8: Coconut MCT oil - Healtholicious One-Stop Biohacking Health Shop
  • KETO MAX! PURE C8: Coconut MCT oil - Healtholicious One-Stop Biohacking Health Shop
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Finally we have it! The most ketogenic fat in the market: 100% Pure C8 MCT Oil!

  1. Metabolises quickly into clean energy for your brain and muscle
  2. Will not be stored as fat

And there is no other MCT oil brands in Asia which has better quality than ours:

  1. SAFETY: Manufactured safely in the facility in the EU under the strict food/energy/manufacturing regulations
  2. PURITY: no trace of solvents & allergens, contains only caprylic acid, no other MCT oil such as lauric acid and capric acid.
  3. SUSTAINABLE: manufactured using 100% coconut oil, not palm oil

It has no odor, no taste and is easy to swallow. It can be added to your diet easily in order to support your health. It is also heat-stable up to 160°C/320°F.

What exactly do you mean by improved brain performance? Let's outline what our customers say about this oil:

  • Improved focus at work
  • Improved memory and comprehension (university students)
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Less digestive discomfort
  • Increased energy level
  • Supports healthy weight management

Suggested Use

We recommend starting with 1 teaspoon and slowly increasing as your body adjusts. Generally up to 3 tablespoons. However, you can take as much as your body can tolerate.

Supplement Facts

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Tbsp. (15 ml)
Serving Per Container (1000ml): 67 
  Amount Per Serving %Daily Value
Calories 100  
Total Fat 14 g 18%*
Saturated Fat 14 g 70%*
Caprylic Acid (C8) MCT Oil 14 g **
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
** Daily Value not established.


Expiry date: June 2020


How can I incorporate C8 in my meals and drinks?
Anywhere! Straight up with a spoon, in tea, smoothies, salad dressings, roasted vegetables, over meat, over sushi. With organic sunflower lecithin, you can combine C8 and any liquid into something very creamy!

How does C8 provide instant energy?

It is very quickly converted into ketone energy in our body, which can be used by the brain and muscles, an alternate energy source to carbohydrates and sugars.

Is it true that C8 keeps you in ketosis while you eat carbs?

Not really, but it can supply your body with ketones so that our body can continue to use them as a fuel! This way you won't experience sugar crashes or brain fogs from carbs. 

Will C8  increase cholesterol?
C8 oil is not the same as other fats. It will not lead to an increase in cholesterol.

Does your C8 oil contain palm oil?
No, our C8 is manufactured using the Orangwutan-friendly source, coconuts across Southeast Asia. There is no trace of palm oil.

Does your C8 causes any allergy? 
Because our C8 oil is refined to the point where coconut proteins are no longer present. There should not be any problem consuming C8 if you are allergic to tree nuts.

Does your C8 contain any mycotoxin?

No the lab test shows no trace of aflatoxin and other mycotoxin.

Does your C8 causes disaster pants?

Our pure C8 is hardly irritable to the digestive system, this is why people can tolerate it much more than MCT oil, which contains C10 (capric acid). Cheap generic MCT often contains more irritable fatty acids such as C6.

What does the C8 taste like?
Odorless, tasteless, and easy to add into any diet. 

What is the smoking point for C8 in cooking?
C8 is suitable to cook at temperatures under 160°C/320°F.

What’s the difference between Healtholicious 40/60 MCT Oil & Healtholicious C8 MCT oil?

C8 oil uses only the most ketogenic part of coconut oil, i.e. PURE ENERGY!

40/60 MCT oil is still great, it is more cost effective than C8. But it contains 40% of C10, which is concerted to ketones slower than C8, but it has a great anti-inflammatory property.

However, C10 can cause loose stool or in some case, diarrhea, and this is why some people need to start slowly until the body builds up tolerance. During this time, it is not possible for you to fully benefit from MCT oil as a source of energy.

(our 100ml glass bottle is filled around 3/4 since this is exactly 100ml)

Does Healtholicious C8 MCT oil need to be refrigerated?

No refrigeration is required. C8 is liquid at room temperature.

Is it vegan?


Is it kosher?


Is it Halal?


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Nathalie G.

KETO MAX! PURE C8: Coconut MCT oil

I had (and still have) the best experience with this super healthy oil. I take 3 spoons a day and the result is fantastic. I have much more energy, I can sleep better and I lost a few kilos. Happy to see that the product comes from Germany as I am German :-) High quality is the key word here and I found it at Healtholicious. Thanks!! Nathalie

Solar B.
Thailand Thailand


The MCT C8 is really great. No flavor and no issues with digestion, even when taking two large spoons.


Very high quality MCT oil without any aftertaste.

Very high quality MCT oil without any aftertaste. I really enjoy it with my black coffee. Will definitely re-purchase!!

Gregory M.

Great Product & Service

Does what it says. Fast delivery. Will purchase again.

Autumn S.

This oil is the BEST!

I love this oil. It’s tasteless so it can be added to just about anything. It makes me feel GREAT!

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